PySurfer is a Python library for visualizing cortical surface representations of neuroimaging data. The package is primarily intended for use with Freesurfer, but it can plot data that are drawn from a variety of sources. PySurfer extends Mayavi’s powerful rendering engine with a high-level interface for working with MRI and MEG data.


  • Michael Waskom, New-York University (NYU)

  • Alexandre Gramfort, Inria, CEA - Neurospin

  • Scott Burns, Vanderbilt University

  • Martin Luessi, Harvard Medical School MGH Martinos Center

  • Eric Larson, University of Washington ILABS


The PySurfer source code is available under the Revised BSD (3-Clause) license


If you have problems installing the software or questions about usage, documentation or something else related to PySurfer, you can post to the NiPy mailing list. Please preface the subject line with “[PySurfer]”.

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