Overlay Morphometry DataΒΆ

Display morphometry files generated during the cortical reconstruction process.

from surfer import Brain


brain = Brain("fsaverage", "both", "pial", views="frontal",

Because the morphometry files generated by
recon-all live in a predicatble location,
all you need to call the add_morphometry
method with is the name of the measure you want.
Here, we'll look at cortical curvatuve values,
and plot them for both hemispheres.

Each of the possible values is displayed in an
appropriate full-color map, but you can also
display in grayscale. Here we only plot the
left hemisphere.
brain.add_morphometry("sulc", hemi='lh', grayscale=True)

You can also use a custom colormap and tweak its range.
                      colormap="PuBuGn", min=1, max=4)

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